Officially 17. =)

There is a mistake there. Blame the girl who wrote that.

WOOP. Assalamualaikum. :) 
   24 March 2013. I'm officially 17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME(also my twin/sister)! Yup. I can get my license this year! OMGOMGOMGOMG. I soooooooooooo can't wait! License, momma is comin'!!!

  Ahem, excuse me. I just got excited cause yeah. It's  my birthday today and I can get to drive by the end of the year. I have been waiting for it for my whole life! Alhamdulillah :)

  Adios. (;

Tag: ABC's about me? O_o

 Yo. Good evening (8.30pm) homosapien. It has been a while since I updated my blog and do some tags.So yesterday a friend of mine tagged me in this thing called "ABC's about me." Heeeeeeeereee we go!

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out these questions and make a new note called "ABC About You." Then tag 25 people. If you got tagged by me, you have to take this survey and re-post it! Don’t forget to tag me because I want to know more about you!
A - AVAILABLE:  What mang. Available what. LOL
B - BIRTHDAY: 24 March 1996. It's around the corner! I expect some birthday wishes! 
C- CRUSHING ON: A guy I nicknamed him "Mad" 
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Mineral Water. I'm trying to have a healthy life. Lol 
E - EASIEST PERSON(s) TO TALK TO:  Kida, Tikah and some people I can't recall. 
F - FAVORITE SONG AT THE MOMENT: ..... There's nothing. I listen to everything I heard on the radio. 
H - HOMETOWN:  Johor, Malaysia. 
I - IN LOVE WITH: Sungyeol. My heartbeat. F lol. 
J - JUGGLE: Juggle. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! 
K - KILLED SOMEONE:  I wish I can. 
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE:  From Johor to KL. My dad used GPS and that thing gave him the wrong direction. So it was 9 hours journey. 
M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: Chocolate and Strawberry.
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 4. Bro, bro, me, sister(twin) 
O - ONE WISH: Can I have Mad? 
P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST: My sister. Thru viber. Mom asked me to call her. I'm too lazy to go upstair therefore, I called her.
Q- Questing: Why do the person I have a crush on always has a lot of fans?
R- REASON TO SMILE: Stupid things around me.
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Westlife. I forgot the song's name though. My sister sang it for the whole day.
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP:  10 am because of those pakcik buat renovation.
U - UMBRELLA COLOUR: I don't have any umbrellas. 
V - VEGETABLE(S): Eggplant maybe. I eat everything. I'm not choosy though.
W - WORST HABIT: Fart everywhere, pick nose with a very disgusting face in front of my sister. 
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD MOST RECENTLY: Never had any x-rays before.
Y - YOYOS ARE: Awesome. Those tricks. Yeah..
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Aries for laifu.

I know it's kinda boring. But mang. No time for fun. MAJOR LOL.

Late wishes?

Hai, Hello, Assalamualaikum.

2013 has already approached us a month ago. I know I'm kind of late but, I didn't have enough time to update my blog. So, since I have a week of holiday (Chinese New Year) I'm going to make a new post. ^-^

From the past years, lots of things taught me. This year, I'm going to be the best and change all about my past.  "Don't care what people say, Just follow your own way,..." This quote taught me to be what I'm going to be this year. Ignore other's feeling as long as you're happy, do anything you want as long as there's a smile on your face.

By the way, 2013 is the year where I'm going to sit for the upcoming exam, SPM. I will do my best! Be good to me, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and other subjects.

Lots of tuition, school's activity this year. But hey, this is my last year to be called "highschool student". I'm going to be hella miss this moments. 

Not like what, but I miss some people. School separates us. Both are busy with tight schedules. Heck man.

So, basically what I want for this year are:-
  • Do my best for the trial and SPM. 
  •  Be happy and control my emotions. 
  •  Appreciation.
Blabla I don't even know what.

Bye. May Allah bless us. :]

Cancelled o_o

Aye. Good afternoon! Cute P.O bb is waving at you. Yeah. Punch him in the face! Hahaha. So,  I cancelled the challenge about "30 Days Infinite Challenge". Why? Because I wanted to do so ah!

1. I am not into Kpop/Infinite

2. I am too lazy to update about it everyday.

3. I am stupid.

Mumimemo. I wanted to do the Block B one though but... I am lazy. Again. So I ended up doing nothing. Hahaha whaaat?




Hi. Long time no talk eh? So, it has been a long time since I updated my blog. I was just too lazy and had no ideas to mumbling about in here. As you can see, I changed and re-touched up my blog. 

From this to this; 

Okay lah. Okay. Mine is not like yours. I am not so pro in editing blog. I did what I can je lah. So, I changed the sidebar picture, background and post background. Also, I added the header. It is kinda cannot go with the background post. I know. I thought I'm going to change something later.
I was supossed to edit Iera's blog but meeeeh. I got an idea though. Iera doesn't like this kind of theme.. (?) I guess? So I did it for mine. Tomorrow also can edit her blog lah.

I don't know what to talk about anymore. Should I talk about my school trip last week? Nah, you don't really have to know thought. But whatever! Lemme talk a bit about the trip. I don't like juniors. Dot. Lol. Izzat and Sufia was so cute. Dating2 in the taman thingy. I don't know what that tempat called. I slapped and punched Sufia a lot. I had too. Jealousy overload. Haha. A boy puked in the bus. Fucking ew and lots of gross thing happened. You don't want to know.. a boy fapped.

Then, today or should I say yesterday, was the last day of school. Nothing much to talk about since we only played chess and Saidina and yeah Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and stupid stuffs. 

I should stop blogging about Kpop since I'm not really into Kpop (Except Block B) nowdays. Kpop is getting too mainstream.. Yay! A hipster here. Naahh I'm bored with Kpop really. So yeahh. Maybe I will just talk about shit and shit and unimportant stuff.

Lastly, I met this boy.. uhm yeah.. and I kind of.. like him? Well, my internet friend and I called him Pie though. Cute nickname, right? Well, see the leg lah! I've never talk to him since a month ago. I'm shy. ;__; And I am not muka tembok. -___- 
That's him. Isn't he cute? I hate him so much. He made me patah hati, you know. ;__; I even cried because of him. Oh my gosh. I am so over. And fuck him too for having the same name with my ex. tt

Well, that's all! I think.. I am going to talk about my friends in my next post. Someone please remind me!

Okay bye!

"30 Days Infinite Challenge" Day 9.

Day 9: The member you think most easily shipped.

I ship everyone in Infinite with Sungyeol. I don't know why. But I can accept GyuYeol, DongYeol, WooYeol, HoYeol, MyungYeol and YeolJong. My favourites  are GyuYeol, WooYeol and YeolJong. \o/ I'm not a fan of MyungYeol anymore since.. I don't even know when. Maybe after their Be Mine era. My interest in Myungsoo is decreasing. ;AA; Help me. Kidding. Lol it's true actually. Whatever.

But if it's about shipping a member with other idols, I'd choose Myungsoo and Sunggyu. Lol. 
Myungsoo: Because he's the famous member and some Inspirits ship him with other idols.
Sunggyu: Because he's the oldest. Dot.



"30 Days Infinite Challenge" Day 8.

Day 8: An Infinite member you want to go shopping with.

It's Sungjong.. again. I think I have told the reasons on my last post about this challenge. The day 7 post. .__. So yeah. I'm not gonna write it again. Lol. 

 Here's a GIF of him kissing his hyung, Yeol aka my "boyfriend" wtf. 
My friend "stabbed" me. Wtfwtfwtf. Jkjkjk.

And this is the video for that GIF. Lol. That girl is a boy btw. Hahaha.



Result Ujian Pertengahan Tahun 2012.

Yup. Tu resultnya. e__e Fizik dari lulus jadi fail. .____. I don't even know why. But whatever. Aku naik ah jugak. .__.v Lol tu pun sebab ada satu classmate aku ni tak hadir time exam apantah. So yeah c: Tak boleh bla bila aku ni yang orang Melayu dapat C+ dalam paper BM -,-

"30 Days Infinite Challenge" Day 7.

Day 7:  An Infinite members you want to be bffs with.

Oheyyyy, I forgot about the 30 days challenge. Well, I'm busy with school and stuffs. Yup. Holidays just ended 2 weeks ago (?) So yeah. I should continue the challenge! 

Yeah. So,  a member that I want to be my best friend forever? Well, I guess Sungjong? Haha. Because he looks so girly and he seems like a good friend. Maybe he can accompany me when I'm shopping (even though I rarely do shopping.) Whatever. Seriously, he looks so fun to be friend with. But.. It's kinda hard y'know. I might fall for my best friend (Lucky I'm in love with my bestfriend~) Lolwtf. Yeah. Idk. I think he's a good listener. It's just something in him that makes me want Sungjong to be my best friend forever. I would prefer him to be my friend than my current friends now. c; Because I can menggedik with his hyung! Yeol  ♥ Lololol. Just kidding. 

By the way, my blog has  changed to the new one. Eurgh. I'm currently confused with these all new things. orz 



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